Posted by Julie L'Heureux

President John Curran opened the meeting and introduced David Small (photo at left), who read an invocation written 14 years ago by Beth McLendon titled “The Evening of July 6,” that included: “Last night I stumbled into a lightening bug convention held on my street. Since it was the day after July 4th, I wondered if they were inspired to compete with the fireworks of the day before. The floating sparks weren’t as spectacular as the colorful streamers of independence but their simplicity gained my attention just as easily. Again and again, I watched as the gentle globes gathered together and then dispersed. Everywhere I looked, lights were blinking. They were always on the move. Action oriented and yet reserved. They were too shy to come near me, yet I still felt welcome. No motivational speakers, no Power Point presentations, yet, they captured my interest as no meeting has done before. Their messages were clear. Relax, enjoy the journey of life....float together sometimes....float alone gentle....let your light shine.”

PP Kris Rosado (photo at right) updated us on the Cornhole Championship Fundraiser and our partnership with the Maine Girls' Academy. In planning the event, a suitable site must be reserved with access to a grassy location and parking. The Cornhole Championship will be held on August 23, from 4-7 PM, location to be determined. 

Rotarians with July birthdays were recognized by everyone singing “Happy Birthday." 

Janelle LoSciuto (photo at left) led a patriotic medley singing of the first verse to “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” by George M. Cohen, then “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy,” a marching tune with roots in the American Revolution and “This Land is Your Land,” by Willie Guthrie. 



Justin Lamontagne presented the raffle at $751 and 1st VP Amy Chipman won the chance to find the Queen of Hearts; but it remained hidden in the deck.


President John (photo at left) emphasized the areas of partnership between Portland Rotary and the community as (1) to expand on the work with the Opioid Task Force and (2) to help new Mainers in their transition into the community. Additionally, he emphasized how the “lifeblood” of Portland Rotary was exhibited in the good works done by those who volunteer at Preble Street; in the international 3H project in the Dominican Republic and in Kosovo; with the CHE efforts to end childhood hunger, and improving education through reading in the Greater Portland area; and the mentoring with youths at the Long Creek Youth Development Center. 

Committee chairs for 2018-19 were introduced by President John:

Constitution/By Laws - Past President Tom Saturley; Fund Raising - Mike Reed; Good Cheer - Ben Millick; Invocation - David Small; Meeting Day - Jennifer Frederick; Music - Janelle LoSciuto; Program Chair - Matt Wolcott; Roster - Past President Loretta Rowe; Sergeant-at-Arms - Dave Putnam; Vision - vacant; Nominating - Past President Don Zillman

Membership - Past President Laura Young; Foundation - Past President Dick Hall.

Community Service - Gracie Johnston; International Service - Roger Fagan; Vocational Service - Past Presidents Jack Carr and Larry Gross; Youth Service - Jan Chapman; Opioid Recovery Task Force - Jesse Harvey and Gracie Johnston; New Mainers Task Force - Max Chikuta.

Windjammer (Internal Communications) - Past President Loretta Rowe; Public Relations (External) - Julie L’Heureux; Webmaster - Erik Jorgensen and Club Protection Officer - Nan Heald.

(Committee Chairs present: Dave Small, PP Tom Saturley, Jennifer Frederick, Janelle LoSciuto, Gracie Johnston, Jesse Harvey, Roger Fagan, PP Jack Carr, Jan Chapman, PP Dick Hall and Julie L'Heureux.)