Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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Board of Directors Meeting
September 19, 2014
Meeting was called to order at 1:39 p.m.
Present: Kris Rosado, President; Bowen Depke, 1st VP; Laura Young, 2nd VP; Scott Blakeslee, Treas.; Loretta Rowe, Sec.; Mike Fortunato, Sgt-at-arms; Charlie Frair, Dir.; Julie L’Heureux, Dir.; Steve Stromsky, Dir. 
Absent:   Mac Collins, Dir. (Proxy);John Marr, IPP (Proxy) and Elise Hodgkin, Administrative Coordinator           
Guests:  None
QUORUM was established with nine board members present and 2 proxies
The minutes of the August 15, 2014 Board meeting were approved.
The financial reports were reviewed by the Club Treasurer, Scott Blakeslee.
            •  New Membership Applications - Karen Dempsey-Carney - approved
            •  Resignations - None received
            •  Leaves of Absence - Paul Gore - 6 months - effective 9/19/14 through 2/20/15
                                             Rich Campbell - 6 months - effective 9/5/14 through 2/27/15
                                             Don Tuski - 6 months - effective 9/5/14 through 3/8/15
                All citing business and professional reasons - all requests were approved.
            •  Membership dues: Non or Late Payment of Dues: Invoices are sent out January 1 and July 1 of each year. Payment is due on                       receipt. Receiving members’ dues on a timely basis allows us to better calculate the invoice we receive from Rotary International,                 which is paid in advance of receiving our members’ dues payments. Members that are more than 3 months past due will be                         contacted by the Club Secretary. A membership will be considered for termination, if payment is past due 4 months (December                   1st and May 1st of each year) and if a member has not contacted the Club Secretary to discuss payment arrangements, due to                     unusual and/or personal circumstances, and reasons accepted by the Board.
            •  Attendance and engagement: The board discussed this issue at length with many great points made. We are a volunteer                            organization and have to be somewhat flexible to the ebb and flow of family and work commitments of our members. There will                    be times when even the most engaged members will have periods where other areas of their lives will require more time. We                      don’t want to discourage an existing or potential member from being a Rotarian. At the same time, being a Rotarian is special and                there are certain expectations to be included as a part of our great club and our 100-year tradition of service.
New attendance requirements:
            •  members need to attend 50% of club meetings annually (make-ups, service activities and committee involvement count)
            •  6 hours of participation in Club-sponsored events annually (above and beyond those used for make-ups) - chair persons will do                     their best to report event attendance, but it is best if members report their own attendance to Loretta or Elise.
                You are still able to make up meetings at other Rotary clubs…plus now you can “make up” with additional hours of service in                       Rotary-run service events or committee activities that will count as make-ups towards that 50% of meetings, i.e. volunteering at                 Preble Street Resource Center, Long Creek Youth Center, etc.
            Fellowship activities, although important, strongly encouraged and appreciated by the Board, DO NOT count as make-ups, i.e.                     tennis league, poker-playing groups, etc.
            “The Rule of 85”: a member is excused from meeting attendance requirements when the member is 65 years of age and has at                   least 20 years of being in Rotary. You must request this status by contacting the Club Secretary in writing (email). It is not                         automatically assigned. The “Rule of 65” applies to some of our more seasoned members, but we encourage those members to                   continue to set the example and participate whenever and wherever possible. We need the experience and continued involvement of             our seasoned members.
            Instead of a complicated and time-intensive tracking system, we will run this on the honor system (4-Way Test). If you do make up             at another Rotary club, or attend a Rotary/club-run service event or committee meeting/activity, please be sure to give 
            Elise or Loretta a make-up card or email, with the date/activity you participated in. 
            The Board felt these were fair decisions that kept all members engaged as Rotarians, but still allowed us to be respectful to all of                 our current and future members with regard to the demands on everyone’s precious time, energy and efforts.
Meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m. The next regular Board meeting will be held on October 17, 2014 at 1:35 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted
Loretta C. Rowe, Secretary
Rotary Club of Portland, ME