Flags for Community Heroes
We all have heroes—people we look up to, those who have supported us, taught us, guided us.
Maybe they’re teachers, or parents, or friends, or in public service like veterans or nurses or doctors or emergency workers.
They may have passed or are still with us, but they’ve touched our lives.
They’ve made us better people.
For two weeks beginning September 11, 2020, one hundred American Flags will be centrally displayed at the Maine Mall to honor individuals who have made a difference in their community. Each flag will have a plaque acknowledging the Hero being honored. Your donation of $100 will recognize the Hero in your life.
We Are People of Action
For over 100 years, members of the Rotary Club of Portland have acted locally and globally to connect people, transform communities, and solve problems. Joined with over 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide, we are dedicated to building international relationships, improving lives, and creating a better planet to support peace and end polio forever.
Our great friends at MEMIC have joined this effort to recognize community heroes as our event sponsor.

Your sponsorship of the hero in your life will help us continue this work and fulfill the Rotary motto of Service Above Self. And, it will give you the opportunity to thank that special person.
Examples of Our Impact
In the greater Portland area, we support a wide variety of projects involving veterans, the Immigrant Welcome Center’s entrepreneurship program, training Recovery Coaches to assist people suffering from substance use disorder, mentoring youth in the Long Creek Development Center, summer food and reading programs at local public schools, scholarships for local high school students, and the Preble Street Resource Center. Internationally, we provide hearing aids, water purification systems, solar lights, and prosthetic hands for villages in the Dominican Republic, books for schools in Kosovo and Vietnam, refugee assistance, and financial support for the eradication of polio.