Posted by Bowen Depke

A shout out to the Maine Outdoor Challenge crew that is still paying dividends. Michael Reed obtained a Fishing Charter for the live auction. His long-term friend/client Kurt Christensen (Christensen Custom Homes) kindly donated a day-trip of fishing on his lobster boat in Casco Bay.  That auction winner was, PP Bowen Depke, who set out with his two sons and a friend at 8 AM to go 13 miles off shore for the adventure. By the calculation of his youngest son William, they caught around 125 fish, 2 sharks and 11 species. What a great trip to put in their family memory album. A thank you to all for the adventure!



(Mike Reed and a young fisherman.)





(One of Bowen's sons displaying his shark "catch.")



(Another of Bowen's sons displaying his unusual catch.)



(This team had quite a few catches of the day.)