Posted by Dick Hall
President Amy Chipman brought the meeting to order by welcoming 46 members and three visiting guests; then invited Julie L’Heureux to present us with the invocation. She paid a tribute to summer by reading a poem….. The Lighthouse by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Click HERE to access the full poem. 
PP Don Lowry led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Club sounded great with PP Bill Blount leading us in ‘God Bless America.’
September birthdays and anniversaries were acknowledged that included the list of members published in last week’s WJ.
Amy reminded the Club that the memorial service for George Crockett would be Sunday, Sep. 8, 4:30 pm at the Woodford’s Congregational Church. Rotarians are invited to share their memories of George at the service, but please advise the family in advance.

Paul Tully told us that 50 'Flags4Heroes' have been sold, and since the flags and plaques have been donated, there will be $5000 into the club charitable coffers. Living Past Presidents of Portland Rotary will be honored with some of the extra flags. Setup of the flags will be at 8:45 pm Tuesday at the Maine Mall, if anyone can help. Charlie Frair told us he was “touched, moved and inspired by the Club” in the way we have quickly supported this project.

Charlie Frair shared a George Crockett story while at the podium. About 30 years ago, Charlie was teaching a course and was strict about homework. When George showed up with no homework, George was kicked out of the class. Years later when Charlie joined the Portland Rotary, he was concerned when he saw George in the group. George and Charlie laughed about it at the time.

Dave Clough (on left in photo at left) conducted the weekly raffle with Jon Young’s (on right in photo at left) name being pulled, but alas Jon was not able to find the Queen of Hearts.

PP Bill Blount, and current Club Foundation Chair, told us the Rotary Foundation has been around 100 years and has supported more student exchanges than Fulbright and Rhodes combined. Polio eradication is “This Close.” The Endowment Fund generates $120 million annually. After three years, half of the funds are returned to the District for grants.

(Photo at right L-R: PP Bill Blount, Dick Giles, Charlie Frair, and 2nd VP Ellen Niewoehner.) 
Bill had three Paul Harris Fellowships to award and he asked each awardee to tell the Club why he/she donates to the Foundation. Charlie Frair (PHF +2) says he donates because it’s the best way to leverage his contributions to do more.  2nd VP Ellen Niewoehner (PHF +2) believes in the fund and its work. She also likes joining with others to fund world programs. Dick Giles (PHF +6) thinks the work on global projects are wonderful. He said the real reason he donated was to get a new PHF pin, as he was fined at his Florida club for not wearing a pin after he lost his.

Bill Blount wanted to share his “George” story, too. When Bill was president, he got an invitation from George for lunch, and George showed up with two typed pages, single spaced, of suggestions for Bill’s presidency. Bill countered with a request that George agree to be treasurer. George served 2 years in this position.

Mike Fortunato told us all to save the date for the Harvest Moon Dance, Saturday, October 26th, 7-9:00 pm in Cape Elizabeth. It will be a fun time, with casual-jean dress, cowboy hat & boots (if you are so inclined). He’s working on confirming the location and said he’s looking for a donation of a keg of beer (or two), and some bales of hay. If you can help in obtaining these items, contact Mike at: 415-9762 or