Posted by Tom Talbott
It was perfect weather for our annual outing at Hadlock Field! President Amy Chipman called the meeting to order. PP Don Zillman was summoned to the front to offer the invocation, and he started with a moment of silence for the two tragic mass shootings in Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX. He then gave thanks for baseball’s ability to bring some needed good cheer, and read the famous  “Oldtimer’s Prayer”     
PP John Curran turned our attention to the flag for our Pledge of Allegiance, and Bob Clark got us started on the right key for a rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” with "the Sea Dogs" appropriately inserted. A crowd of  31 Rotarians were joined by 5 guests and 1 visiting Rotarian.

Bob Clark (in photo at right) was called up again, first to remind everyone of the 29th annual Boys and Girls Club Steak ‘N Burger dinner on Wed August 14th, 5-7:30pm at the USM Sullivan Gym at 96 Falmouth St., Portland.  Next, Bob proudly announced receipt of proceeds from our recent Maine Outdoor Challenge event, totaling $18,545 for Portland Rotary and an equal amount to the Boys & Girls Club – with a bit more expected to come in. Great job!

It was Bill Ross (at left in photo) who was picked to try his hand for the $767 available, as Dick Giles conducted the raffle (at right in photo). It could have been a family celebration with Bill’s wife Paula in attendance, but Bill flied out with a lazy Jack of Clubs, and was retired to end the inning.

Jerry Angier (photo at right) made full use of his Rotary minute by recalling how for him, getting to know Rotary was “painfully slow.” That got our attention! Nothing too serious though. Jerry had moved to Portland in 1971 from Cincinnati. Being in the insurance business, he caught the attention of Matt Tassey. Jerry was interested, but his work just prevented him from being able to attend our Friday noon meetings. However, shortly after his retirement, Jerry was approached by PP Peter Goffin who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to join Rotary. Thanks Jerry!

PP John Curran had some updates to a sorrowful story about one of our members, Jesse Harvey. Jesse is a hard-working advocate for the recovery community, drawing from his own personal journey. Jesse joined our club in 2018, and made a tremendous impact on our club, opening our eyes to drug/opioid and alcohol abuse. He is a founder of Journey House, operating four sober houses in Maine. It was difficult to learn that our good friend had a relapse of his own that resulted in legal charges against him. He is now in recovery, and getting help. We stand by him, knowing that he will continue his journey and we will help and support him. This is a disease that touches so many lives in so many ways, as many members of our club know all too well from personal and family experiences.

Megan Peabody (photo at left) reminded us that August 28th is our day to work the Preble St. Soup Kitchen. This month we team up with the Portland Sunrise Rotary Club, plus Interact students. If you can join in, please let Gracie Johnston know right away! Contact her at:

Paul Tully (photo at right) waved the “Flags For Heroes” program by us again, letting everyone know that through an outpouring of support last week, all 100 flags have been purchased. Now we have about 4 weeks to sell the “recognition plaques” that will go on each flag, which will then be displayed at the Maine Mall rotunda starting 9/11. To dedicate a plaque costs $100, so 100 plaques sold earns $10k for the Club. It will be a fantastic sight, great PR, and helps our fundraising. Spread the word – many people outside the club would love this opportunity to honor a special person in their life. More info? Contact Paul at or Charlie Frair at
Where are the Sea Dog Biscuits? AH…..we found ‘em!