ImageHackers, government agents listening to phone calls and reading emails, search engines that record our internet browsing, all part of our digital landscape. What does it mean? How do we cope and protect our individual freedom? Dr. Glenn Wilson will be with us on Friday to talk about hacking and cyber security. Bring your recording devices.

Dr. Wilson is the founding Director of USM’s Research Computing Group initiative, which is designed to create opportunities for students, in collaboration with faculty, to become engaged in research, development, and creative activities in the areas of information, communications, technology, and engineering. “Information and Innovation provides an interdisciplinary platform for students and faculty that links USM’s intellectual resources with external needs.”

An Associate Research Professor in the Department of Technology, Dr. Wilson teaches courses in computer hardware, computer networking, and network security. His experience includes education, outreach, research, development, and commercialization initiatives with IBM, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Maine Department of Labor, UNUM, IDEXX, Wright Express, Tilson Technologies, Quantrix, and many other companies, as well as Government and Military entities. Over the years, Dr. Wilson’s students have created new, high-technology companies and have made significant contributions to the computer science and technology workforce in Maine.

Most recently, Dr. Wilson has been involved in three major undertakings relating to the computer science and technology workforce and economic development in Maine. These include the Computer Science and Information Technology Statewide Initiative, which seeks to double the number of CS and IT students over the next four years; the establishment of the Maine Cyber Security Cluster (MCSC); and a first-of-a-kind, collaborative degree in Information Technology that is designed from the outset by Business and Industry, Central Maine, Southern Maine, and York County Community Colleges and the University of Southern Maine.

Dr. Wilson's time is currently being utilized as the Director of the Maine Cyber Security Cluster, where they have recently completed the construction of Maine's first cyber security testing laboratory and is working with local and national collaborators to develop cyber security training for small businesses, military, and government personnel.