Posted by Ben Lowry
Last Friday at the Clarion Hotel, we had the pleasure of hearing from our new District 7780 Governor, Andy Glazier, who hails from the Kittery Rotary Club. Andy, whose energy seems infectious, would prefer to be called a “team leader” and not hold any formal title, but he is honored to be our leader, regardless of the nomenclature.
Andy had been a longtime “Rotary spouse,” attending functions and joining in on projects with his wife Pam, who had been a 30-year member. But he caught the fever for real during a Rotary International trip to Cuba and then another to Guatemala and the rest, as they say, is history. With his most recent RI convention in Hamburg, Germany, during which he was thrilled to see a presentation from our own club member John Curran alongside Yarmouth Rotarian and PDG Carolyn Johnson, Andy has now been to three RI conventions, with a reminder that next year’s festivities will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii (book early as this will certainly sell out!).
Governor Andy and the district are making “Grow Rotary” the mantra heading into the new year and he reminded all of us to include non-Rotarians in our local, district and international projects. After seeing and feeling what Rotary is all about, club memberships should grow over the next twelve months. And, with a fun one-day district conference entitled “Rotary Rocks” scheduled for October 5th at USM, there is a great opportunity for us all to share our passion with others within the local community.
The Rotary Foundation is a favorite topic and Andy gave us his take on some of the many ways that we can all help this fund continue to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, polio continues to take lives, with 42 casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the past year, but we are still so close to eradication and the Foundation is the key. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continues to match 2 for 1 donations, so we are still getting much needed support, but it takes an effort from us all, from increasing our annual giving to adding the Foundation to our estate planning, to help the fund grow and thrive.
Andy left us with encouragement and thanks, stating, “Keep doing good. Keep having fun.”  Words for us all to live by!