Posted by Dick Hall
Six of the newest members of our Club treated us to a session of “Truth or Lies.”  One out of three statements they presented to us were not true, and the club needed to figure out which one was not true.
(Photo L-R: John Thompson, Nate Cermelj, Michelle DiSotto, Bob Fowler, Joe Raegan, and Mike Anderson.)
Mike Anderson - He is an Irish twin. He began to do community service before joining Rotary. In one two-month period he was married, moved and had a child. (joined Portland Rotary Jan 4, 2019)
Nate Cermelj - His hair started turning gray in the 8th grade. His mother lives in a shack in Hawaii. He has been married for 14 years. (joined Portland Rotary May 3, 2019)
John Thompson – He has never been to Canada. He ate ants from a tree in the rainforest. He once was mistaken for the Georgetown basketball coach, John Thompson. (joined Portland Rotary Sep 1, 2017)
Joe Reagan – He was featured on a segment about Norwich University on Investigative Courts. To get a top-secret job, he needed to take a polygraph. While stationed in Germany, he was popular as people thought he was related to President Ronald Reagan. (joined Portland Rotary Feb 9, 2018)
Bob Fowler - He went to trade school to be an electrician. He has played blue grass mandolin for 14 years. He is president of the Cumberland County Master Gardeners Association. (joined Portland Rotary Feb 5, 2018)
Michelle DiSotto - She was Winnie the Pooh at Walt Disney World. She was featured on the Travel Channel on a segment for the White Barn Inn. She is afraid of roller coasters. (joined Portland Rotary Jan 4, 2019)
The audience was allowed to ask questions and then we decided which statements were not true and scored ourselves. PP Loretta Rowe and PP Don Zillman both got 4 out of 6 correct, so we had a "Lie-off" for the prize. Don and Loretta made one false and one true statement.
Don Zillman - He lived 11 years in Utah. He has always been a Wisconsin Badger football fan. 
Loretta Rowe - She has been married twice. She used to live in Canada. 
The club was equally split on determining which was true for Don and Loretta, so it was declared to be a tie.
Remember, many statements listed above are not true. If you were not at the meeting, you need to ask each person which statements are not true. It was a fun time.