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Friday, February 8, 2019

Service Above Self

We meet Fridays at 12:15 PM 
The Clarion Hotel
1230 Congress Street
Portland, ME  04102
United States of America

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Rotary This Week
Portland Rotary
will meet February 8, 2019
at the Italian Heritage Center
40 Westland Avenue, Portland
(behind Shaw's Westgate)
Please do not park on the right side
of the entrance road all the
way up to the IHC.
Thank you.

Rotary Goes Mobile

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How would you like to have not only your own Rotary Club members contact information, but also the entire District at your fingertips? You can and so much more by downloading the new and improved ClubRunner Mobile App. You can also access club and district leadership, stories and events all with just a few clicks. Connecting to them is as easy as clicking on the phone number or email address.

You can download it on the AppStore or GooglePlay and be on your way in minutes. Now would also be a good time to make sure that your profile is current, and if you do not have a picture saved, considering updating your information now!

Reach out and collaborate with other like-minded Rotarians from around our district and be one of the People of Action that your are!

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*02/08/19 Carolyn Nishon, PSO

Our speaker/program this week will be Carolyn Nishon, Executive Director of the Portland Symphony Orchestra (PSO). Carolyn joined the PSO staff in August 2008, after participating in the year-long Orchestra Management Fellowship Program through the League of American Orchestras, where she served as the Orchestra Manager of the Aspen Music Festival Concert Orchestra and worked with symphonies in North Carolina, Spokane, and Baltimore. Carolyn received her bachelor's degree in English and Psychology from the University of Michigan, where she served as the Executive Director of the Michigan Pops Orchestra.

02/01/19 Don Perkins, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

PP Bowen Depke did a fabulous job running through the extensive list of accomplishments of this week’s guest speaker, Don Perkins, President and C.E.O. of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI). The Institute, under Mr. Perkins leadership, is a welcome fixture on a tumultuous waterfront. While GMRI is located on Casco Bay, its purview extends far beyond.

Mr. Perkins offered up a balanced report focusing on many of the known influences climate change is making on the coastal biology of Maine, New England, and beyond. Early on in his presentation, Don made it clear that he wasn’t going to be dragged into climate politics and would concentrate on clear changes impacting the lands and seas of the world’s coasts. If you have coastal property you are concerned that statistics indicate that flood potential is adversely impacting values. It is predicted that the sea level will rise 9 feet or more over the century. Think of what Commercial Street will look like! But, it’s much more than property values at risk, it impacts livelihoods even more profoundly. Think about the vanishing fish stock and the affect it has on crews, dock workers, boat builders, mariner mechanics and so on.  Of course, we also must think about what the world would be without a plentiful Maine lobster!

Despite the adversities facing coastal communities and their populace, Don was not delivering a somber message, nor a cautionary tale. He focused on facts, facilities and opportunities to embrace dynamic changes and create a new iteration of the coastal water economy. To be sure, the sea level is rising, and the water temperatures are similarly changing. The Institute has been gathering ocean related data and developing a composite of the life therein. The current picture is worrisome and requires understanding and adaptation in order to improve.  Fortunately, the fishers and fishing industry of Maine have been willing to make changes in order to continue and grow. The bottom line of the fishing industry is staggering....over 1.5 billion dollars a year. The lobstering industry is close to half of that number. The lobster catch has spiked over the past decade, but the future is quite likely to be much different, but not non-existent, according to Perkins.

Nature and mankind have been adapting and reemerging in a similar form for time immemorial.  Don expects that to continue in a favorable manner, despite dramatic challenges. The problem is that the changes are coming fast, and we are on “the bleeding edge.” We must react with alacrity or accept the consequences. Perkins points to the emergence of aquaculture as an immense opportunity, if it’s managed properly. When most people think of aquaculture they think of salmon or maybe, oysters, but it can be much more. An example of potential is the growing of kelp. Kelp grows prolifically in the winter when the fishing industry is in a lull.  Currently, kelp is not a high-dollar business but there are ways to develop a market. If that seems like a pipe dream, Don asked us to consider that salmon are being given a start for life in abandoned paper mills, to wit: Bucksport. While we can be creative and embrace change, Don maintains, we must save the ocean environment.

The statistics related to Don’s fish story can be found on the Gulf of Maine Research Institute website and are worthy of review. In response to the deluge of data and details, Don got some terrific questions during an abbreviated Q & A session. 

For example,
What do we do with the problematic green crab? Not sure it’ll ever become a commercial success, despite Italian cooks, he suggests we compost it. 

Will the venerable Maine tiny shrimp make a comeback or be farmed? Unfortunately, the water change is the death nell for that sumptuous delight, so look to Canada.  

The take away from Don is simple, “we’ve got to stop looking backward and start looking forward.”

(Photo L-R: Don Perkins and member, Jerry Angier.)

02/01/19 Bits & Pieces

President John Curran called the meeting to order by welcoming 53 members and 4 guests. PP Cyrus Hagge (photo at right) gave the invocation which was a New England adaption of the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Brady who art in Foxborough
Hallowed be thy arm
Thy bowl win will come
The game will be won
In New England as it will be in Atlanta.

Give us this Sunday
Our Super Bowl win
And bless us with raining touchdown passes
Gronk’s spikes and glorious high 5’s.

For thine is the MVP
The best in the NFL
And the glory of the Patriots.

We did the Pledge of Allegiance and PP Laura Young led us in singing the Star Spangled Banner.

President John recognized Earle Leavitt for all his contributions to Portland Rotary and welcomed him into the ranks of being an Honorary Member. When asked if he wanted to say a few words, Earle did exactly that by responding with “Thank you.”

Roger Fagan (photo at left) gave a brief recap of his latest 3-H trip (Hearing, Hands and H20) to the Dominican Republic. He noted that 16 people went from Maine, Florida and Alaska and 5 different clubs were represented. Over 100 hearing patients were seen and 148 hearing aids were distributed. 80 water filters and 80 solar lights were installed and 120 patients were seen for prosthetic devices. In over 22 trips to the DR, Roger said that 2275 hearing aids have been fitted. Roger will be a featured speaker in an upcoming meeting to flush out all the details of the most recent trip.

1st VP Amy Chipman (photo at right) discussed the dinner last Saturday at the Italian Heritage Center for the federal employees that were temporarily unemployed due to the government shutdown. Unfortunately only about 20–25 people attended (probably because the shutdown was lifted the day before), but Amy said the event committee raised lots of funds and the event was a success.

Patty Erickson (photo at left) spoke about the Rotary Sweetheart Auction coming up on February 8, 2019 at the Italian Heritage Center and telling us that volunteer sign-ups and auction donation forms were on the tables. If you have any items, please contact PP Loretta ASAP BEFORE THIS FRIDAY AT:

Charlie Frair (photo at right) did a wrap-up of the funds raised at the Veteran’s lunch in November 2018 and noted that we needed to distribute $5,000. Five groups were nominated by different Rotarians for the funds:

Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope (nominated by Roxane Cole)
Honor Flight (nominated by Bob Trail)
K9’s on the Front Line (nominated by Mike Robinson)
Veterans Count (nominated by Joe Reagan) 
Maine Veterans' Home (nominated by Charlie Frair)

Instead of choosing one group to receive the funds as in previous years, Charlie and the committee decided to give $1,000 to each of the sponsored groups. Great job Charlie and Paul Tully and all who worked on the committee and volunteered. 

Chris Force took care of the weekly raffle and PP Paul T. Gore’s ticket was chosen. Paul magnanimously allowed Roger Fagan to try winning the $227 jackpot, but alas, it was not to be. He drew the Ace of Clubs. 

PP Bill Blount (photo at left) told us of the Club's participation in helping the Deering High School Choral director, Dr. Peter Stickney obtain an electric keyboard for the chorus. Asking for a show of hands of those who could and would like to donate for this cause, Bill encouraged everyone who did raise their hands to contact Elise at 899-6342 or

Foundation Chair/PP Dick Hall had the pleasure of announcing that Justin Lamontagne was a Paul Harris Fellow for the second time. Congratulation Justin!

(Photo at right L-R: PP Dick Hall and Justin Lamontagne)



WCSH reported a story on one of our trained recovery coaches for the Opioid Recognition and Awareness to help break the cycle of addiction. Click on the following link below for more information: 


Sweetheart Auction

Our Sweetheart Auction will be held on February 8, 2019 at the Italian Heritage Center, 40 Westland Avenue, Portland before and during our regular meeting. If you have an item(s) you would like to donate for this event, please contact Loretta Rowe ( 883-5432 ASAP. If you received an item as a gift that doesn’t quite suit you, donate it to this good cause. The items must be new or SLIGHTLY used. Please be sure to contact us BEFORE the day of the auction with a description and value of your items....there is multiple paperwork that must be completed to put items on the auction block and it takes time to complete it all.

Some suggestions for donations:

Themed Gift Baskets - Put a basket together with items for the theme:
    • Theater Nite (Tickets with various boxed candies)
    • Golf Anyone? (Golf glove, balls, towel, tees, cart fee, etc.)
    • Gardener’s Delite (Gardening gloves, seed packets, knee pads, etc.)
    • Personal Relaxation (Bubble bath, bath loofa, wine glass & wine, etc.)

Tickets to a sporting event
Gift Card to local restaurants
- you dine out, ask to speak with the manager and request a Gift Card to support Rotary
Coffee Brewer
Lobster Dinner for (_?_)

One of the best items we've had in previous auctions was a certificate for home-baked desserts once a month for a year. 

So put your thinking caps on and help us out. 

Don’t forget, get your item descriptions to Loretta ASAP.
You can bring the item(s) to the Rotary meeting/auction of Feb. 8th, but let us know ahead of time if you plan to.

Thank you.

Volunteer Opportunities
Following is a list of our Club's volunteer projects. If you know of other opportunities, please contact Loretta:
Project                    Who to Contact

Italian Heritage       8th of February
Center                      SPECIAL AUCTION
                                  10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
                                  Ellen Niewoehner

Preble Street           4th Wednesday ea month
Resource Ctr           3:30-6:30 pm
Soup Kitchen          Contact Gracie Johnston

Game Night             3rd Tuesday ea month
Long Creek              Mike Fortunato
Youth Center 
                                  or Jim Willey


This Week's Duty Assignments

Invocation:  Bruce Jones
Program Reporter:  Bob Martin
Bits & Pieces Reporter:  Dick Hall
Registration/Greeter:  Michelle DiSotto
Sell Meal Tickets:  David Clough
Raffle:  Mike Robinson

Collect Meal Tickets:  Justin Lamontagne
Sgt-at-Arms:  Dave Putnam

Rotary Meeting Locations

If you would like to mark your calendars,
we are scheduled at the following locations
through March 2019:

Feb   8 - Italian Heritage Center
              Sweetheart Auction

Feb 15 - The Clarion
Feb 22 - The Clarion

Mar   1 - The Clarion
Mar   8 - The Clarion

Mar 15 - The Clarion
Mar 22 - The Clarion
Mar 29 - The Clarion

Blue BOLD dates are scheduled Board meeting days.

Any questions, please contact Loretta at:

Ongoing Item Donations Needed
The following items are needed on an on-going basis. Please feel free to bring them to a meeting where we will collect and distribute them to the appropriate projects.
Crutches4Africa - Crutches, canes, folding walkers and wheelchairs to be shipped to Africa. Contact: Roger Fagan,
Toiletries for the Shelters - Collect those tiny bottles of toiletries you are paying for during your next hotel visit and bring them home for members of our society who find themselves staying at a shelter and in need of personal hygiene products.