When Lonnie Hackett graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Bowdoin college in 2014, he knew he would be spending the next few years of his life establishing a model of health care for poor children in the emerging democracy of Zambia. Lonnie founded Healthy Kids/Brighter Future and gathered a supportive board of directors. He then took his plan to the Rotary Club of Brunswick, Maine and received a standing ovation, as well as a promise of a Global Grant. Lonnie's clear vision for school-based health care for vulnerable children became a reality as a local healthcare clinic and other Zambian healthcare workers trained classroom teachers to recognize and treat common childhood illnesses. A Global Grant for $35,770 was approved in October of 2014. In one year, 90 teachers have been trained and close to 12,000 poor children have been evaluated and/or treated. The program is sustainable and has received the attention of the Zambian Ministry of Health.

It is the time to begin this program in another compound in Lusaka, using all the lessons of the first program and continuing Lonnie's dream of healthcare for all children.