Rotary welcomed Portland's national women's boxing champion Liz Leddy (photo at right), who described how boxing challenged her to become successful. To her, boxing is like meditation. In an article published in Old Port- Portland's City Magazine,  by Katy Kelleher, Liz gave credit for her success to Bob Russo, the founder of the Portland Boxing Club. Liz  is one of Russo’s star pupils. Although she’s been boxing for over 20 years, she continues to soak up Russo's wisdom. He changed her life—or perhaps it was boxing itself that saved her. When she first walked into the Portland Boxing Club in 1996, she was a teenager who needed help. In the article, she described  her teenage years with a frankness about the abuses she experienced. Her biography is summarized in the Old Port article that can be accessed by clicking HERE
Portland Boxing Club has transformed Liz’s life in more ways than one. Russo helped her to raise money to attend cosmetology school through fundraisers and boxing events. Now, she makes a living styling hair (she also teaches aspiring boxers). Liz expressed gratitude about the opportunity she has been given to be an award-winning woman boxer. Her inspirational presentation pointed out how important it is to mentor others when called on to do so. In mentoring and providing positive role models to others, we might have the opportunity to inspire someone like the amazing Liz Leddy.
(Photo L-R: Ralph Hendrix, President Amy Chipman, Liz Leddy, and Durwood Ferland.)