Liz Leddy led a tough life complicated by drugs, alcohol, and violence. She describes her journey as a young woman: a high school dropout and aggressive street punk who found her life’s purpose and healing through the sport of boxing. Since 1998, Liz has been rising from the ashes of her former life and building a bright future, both in and out of the ring. She attests to her strength to walk on through the personal destruction left in the wake of substance abuse, violence and trauma, along with the boxing techniques that led her to two national championships. Through a coach and a community, her life skills and self-knowledge were groomed, resulting in a miraculous victory over the dark life of addiction, homelessness, crime, and violence. Liz continues to rise, as attested by the list of Championships she has claimed:
Open Class Featherweight (125 lbs)/Lightweight (132 lbs)
9-Time New England Golden Gloves Lightweight Champion
2007/2010 Silver Medalist at National Golden Gloves
2008 USA Boxing New England Featherweight Champion
2009 and 2010 National PAL Silver Medalist
2009 Pan American Games Bronze Medalist
2010 National Golden Gloves Featherweight Champion
2011 and 2017 National Golden Gloves Lightweight Champion
Former Member of the Woman’s Elite USA Boxing Team
Liz is the subject of the award winning documentary “Liz.” She is a fantastic boxing instructor in her own right at Upper Cuts, teaching members at introductory classes and a month-long summer boot camp. She is a frequent speaker on the power that boxing had on her own life…..her speaking  engagements have included a TEDx talk….”Shadow Boxing in the Dark.”
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