The Long Creek Youth Development Center (LCYDC), 675 Westbrook Street, South Portland, is committed to creating and providing opportunity for success through personal growth in a safe and secure environment.

LCYDC houses both male and female clients. Originally called the Boys Training Center, it was established in 1853 by an Act of the Legislature. After careful investigation by a legislative committee appointed to select a site, a farm was purchased in South Portland for $9,000. The training center was established for the education and rehabilitation of youthful male offenders. In 1976, the Stevens School was closed, and the juvenile females were transferred to the (renamed) Maine Youth Center.

Recently renamed again as Long Creek Youth Development Center, it continues to redefine many of its program functions to enable a total multi-disciplined team approach in working with those committed and held within the facility. Long Creek Youth Development Center functions as a total educational rehabilitative resource within the state-wide correctional setting. In this area, the Center provides care, custody and security for its residents, holds for court evaluations/diagnostic services, education, physical education and recreation through the A.R. Gould School, volunteer services, social services, worship services, as well as medical services to its juvenile offender population.