ImageThis week we meet at Hadlock Field, home of the Portland Sea Dogs. Since this ball team came to town 22 years ago, we have had a summer meeting every year at Hadlock, all except one. Join us and ask Bill Blount why we go there and why we missed one year at the ball field, if you’re interested. 

The home runs and double plays will be provided by the Franks and Burgers; stolen bases by the Ice-Cream sandwiches, aka Sea Biscuits; and the cheers by Club Members. Bring a friend…prospective member…your children...your parents/grandparents...or extended family…smell the fresh-cut in the sunshine...and enjoy some time away from the daily grind.

Speaking to us will be pitcher, Mike McCarthy (link and first baseman David Chester (link, sharing their experiences of what it's like to work and play for a minor league baseball team.

Directions to meeting site at the ballpark: Go to the main gate and signs or ushers will direct you to the meeting site....the picnic area down the first base line. Go Sea Dogs!