In October 2015, the province of Nova Scotia chose Bay Ferries Limited to operate the summer ferry service between Portland and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Bay Ferries had previously operated the ferry service between the two ports from 2006 through 2009. Ferry service on THE CAT offers the fastest way to travel between the two cities. The CAT is a 349-foot catamaran which travels about 40 mph and makes the journey to Nova Scotia in 5 and a half hours. The CAT passed in sea trials in late May and began the service in mid-June. Ferry service is expected to run through late September.

Bay Ferries Limited was formed in 1997 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Northumberland Ferries Limited. The companies of Northumberland Ferries were founded on the principles of safety, efficiency, quality, community and innovation. Bay Ferries has been involved in the delivery of ferry services in other locations, including Interprovincial Ferry Service in Atlantic Canada, Florida and the Bahamas, Rochester, New York, Toronto, Trinidad and Tobago.
The CAT has the capacity to carry approximately 700 passengers and 280 vehicles. Onboard amenities include a room to view movies, a children’s play area, a café with coffee and tea service, a cafeteria and a lounge the offers a selection of local wines and craft beer choices.
Don Cormier, who is the Vice President of Operations and Safety Management for Bay Ferries Limited, will present to our club. Don joined Northumberland/Bay Ferries Limited in 1997 as the General Manager responsible for the Bay of Fundy ferry operations. He is focused on upholding and improving the company’s tradition of safe and reliable marine transportation services.
Don was educated in New Brunswick, earned a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1982 and obtained his MBA in 1986. He believes in community service and has been involved with Junior Achievement, the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, transportation and tourism organizations, and youth sports. Don lives with his wife Elaine and his children, Genevieve and Sebastien in Stratford, Prince Edward Island.
We look forward to welcoming Don Cormier to Portland Rotary and hearing about the return of The CAT service to our city.