The community-focused brewery, NU Brewery (pronounced “New”), founded by President Chris Ventimiglia (left in photo) of Freeport and CEO Russell Voss (right in photo) of New Gloucester, is located at 437 Lewiston Road in the beautiful rural community of New Gloucester, Maine.
Nu Brewery is a quality driven brewery with a mission to craft innovative beers. Taking an individualistic approach to brewing, Chris and Russell have a vision to innovate the end-to-end brewing process towards scalable, sustainable beers that their customers can enjoy in the tasting room, at their favorite eatery, or at home.
Nu Brewery’s Craft American Light Lager....the flagship in the line-up of beers (at right).... will be produced for wholesale and retail in cans, kegs, and crowlers.
Their tasting room is a “teaching tasting room.” It’s about letting people know what they’re drinking, teaching them what is actually put into their beer and that raises the value of what they’re drinking. Tours of the production room are offered when the tasting room is open.
The two men have been friends for 20 years, and they came up with the idea for the brewery four years ago. The process towards completion has been slow, but with an outpouring of community support, they are now sharing the brewery with their neighbors. Visit their tasting room and see for yourself. For more information, go to: