Amy Barnes Chipman joined the Portland Rotary Club 17 years ago. Her father had been a member of the Club. Her mother told her “anybody who is anybody is a member of the Portland Rotary Club”! From the time she attended her first meeting, she was “hooked,” recalling how everyone was so warm and welcoming.
Her first year, she and Dick Giles led the drive for the St. Vincent De Paul’s Thanksgiving Dinner and was amazed at how many hands went up when asked who could volunteer.
After that, she was the ongoing Foundation Chair, where her knowledge and enthusiasm re-introduced the Foundation to our members. She was instrumental in educating everyone on how half the money contributed to the Foundation comes back to the District for projects here in our community; as well as the benefits through partnering with other Clubs, where we can also get very large global grants. Our members’ contributions set the bar for other Clubs…..we put Portland on the map!
She loves the “spinoff” activities of bonding with members through the tennis league and the ski group. She hopes to be spending more time with Club members throughout this year on service projects and socials, sharing in the wonderful fellowship we have to offer.
She is honored and excited to lead our Club into the new Rotary year.
Join us this Friday for the 2019-20 Inauguration of incoming Club President, Amy B. Chipman.