Posted by Matt Wolcott

Jesse Harvey will be our speaker at Portland Rotary this week. He is a person in long term recovery from Substance Use Disorder. He works as Peer Support Coordinator for Greater Portland Health, volunteers as Chapter Lead of Young People in Recovery-Portland, and serves on Portland’s Overdose Prevention Task Force, as well as on the Boards of Directors of Health Equity Alliance and NAMI-Portland.

Jesse is an advocate for low-cost, low-barrier, and evidence-based public health interventions, and he has helped to educate healthcare providers, the media, law enforcement, and others in Maine on the value of recovery-ready communities. Jesse is most passionate about recovery houses and overdose prevention sites, and is the Founder of Journey House Sober Living and Portland OPS.

Jesse is a Master’s student at Muskie. In his spare time he likes to walk around Portland and eat Ethiopian food.