President Kris will provide us with a brief wrap-up to his time spent at the Rotary helm.

(Photos: President Kris at left; Dee Mystify and Casino Ed at right.)

ImageAfter which, we will have two soon-to-be well-known casino experts, Casino Ed and Dee Mystify, visit us. They have recently completed filming a consumer education course that will be available on the internet titled "Casino Fun 101: How to go to a casino, have a great time and not lose your shirt.”

Some of the topics aimed at ensuring people get the most for their entertainment dollar are "How casinos work, how to learn casino games, and how to manage your money." Our speakers' goal is to make it possible for anyone to go into any casino, anywhere in the world, and have a great, lose, or draw.

Ed and Dee will be presenting several short segments of their workshop they believe everyone will enjoy and find entertaining, whether or not you ever go to a casino. Segments include: The Reality of Gambling; Albert Einstein’s Thoughts on Roulette; The Four Types of Players You’ll Meet In A Casino; The Three Most Common Mistakes People Make; and more.  

Any resemblance to any current Portland Rotarians is purely coincidental.