Posted by Ben Lowry

President Don Zillman called the meeting to order welcoming 39 members and 1 guest to the Clarion Hotel.

David Small provided a delightful invocation, lamenting and celebrating the changes in our lives, with an incoming club president and with the ever-changing seasons, which all too quickly run from summer to autumn here in Maine. But, with a reading about the joys of summer, we were all able, if just for a day, to feel the excitement that these first few balmy days bring us all as Mainers.

Kathy Grammer’s voice steadied our acapella group through our rendition of “America the Beautiful.

John Houghton brought the lovely and talented Jay Houghton, his beloved wife, to Rotary as his guest.

Gracie Johnston needs your help! The Preble Street Resource Center provides so much  ( support for the homeless community, which explodes in the summer, and our club has committed to providing volunteers for our Wednesday commitment from 3:30 to 6:30. This could be some of the most rewarding work you can do…so please contact Gracie if you’d like to make an impact on the lives of some of those who are less fortunate than yourself.

Erik Jorgensen was feted for winning his re-election to The Maine House of Representatives. Despite running unopposed, Erik ran a crisp and well-managed campaign. Congrats to our Woodford area leader. We look forward to hearing Erik’s thoughts on the happenings in Augusta. And we promise to not have his talk take place in a bowling alley this year!

President Don gave a brief and carefully worded thumbs-up for the ranked choice voting process which culminated this past week with Janet Mills’ primary victory. As she gathers herself to take on Shawn Moody in November’s general election, we, as Mainers, can conclude that as a national model for this new system, our voters seemed to handle it with great aplomb and stability.

Our search for a “home” continues. After some very successful and warmly received discussions with The Holiday Inn By-the-Bay resulted in an offer to keep us on as Friday guests, our club is finalizing its position as we search for the elusive perfect venue for our Friday meetings (reporter’s note: we began this VERY elusive search back when I was club president about 15 years ago!). While just about all of us want to stay on the peninsula, and just about 100% want to stay on as a “Friday lunch club,” there are so many factors, such as parking, meal cost, and black- out dates, that really cause the Board of Directors to pause and reflect on these rather major decisions. While the decisions are being worked out, and with new consideration being given to the gorgeous Jewish Community Center near Westgate, President Don (with President John in the wings) asks for your patience and understanding as we once again grapple with finding a cozy and welcoming  home base.

Patty Erickson had our speaker, Chuck Radis, draw a name for the weekly raffle and Tom Saturley strode to the podium in search of the elusive queen of hearts which would have netted Tom $690….but the eight of clubs forced Tom back to his seat, in search of a pot of gold at another time.