Greg Williams is the Director of Waste Solutions at Agri-Cycle. He joined Agri-Cycle in 2014 with diverse experience in the organics industry, including sales, consultation, business development, and operations. While completing a Master’s in Community Planning & Development at the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service, he researched the feasibility of implementing a curbside organics program in Greater Portland. He received an award for the idea from ecomaine in 2008, and presented the idea to the Portland City Council in 2009. Williams also successfully started and managed a commercial composting business in conjunction with the City of Portland before joining Agri-Cycle.

Agri-Cycle collects organic waste and converts it to clean energy and fertilizer, providing clean, renewable energy to the grid in Maine and throughout the region. This process keeps organic waste out of landfills, reduces harmful greenhouse gases, and powers homes and farms.