Posted by Alan Nye

President John Curran called the meeting to order, by welcoming 41 members and 5 guests. 

Gracie Johnston (photo at right) gave the invocation and informed us that it was National “Go for Broke” Day – from the saying “wager everything.” Gracie explained that “go for broke” was the motto of one of the most decorated units in U.S. military history, the Army’s 442nd Regimental Combat Team. This was a segregated WWII unit made up entirely of Americans of Japanese ancestry. The unit won dozens of Legion of Merit medals, Soldier’s metals and nearly 9,500 Purple Hearts. What a testimony to these loyal Americans.

After the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ and the singing of a patriotic song, we had the introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests. President John then recognized the anniversaries and birthdays of Rotarian members.

Charlie Frair (photo at left) presented a $1000 check from our Veterans' fund on behalf of the club to a recipient chosen by PP Bob Traill (who unfortunately couldn’t make the meeting). The award went to Honor Flight Maine, a non-profit that honors our Veterans by transporting them to Washington, D.C. to tour the memorials. Laurie Sidlinger (photo at left) accepted the check on behalf of the organization and in thanking the club, noted that the funds would fully transport 2 additional veterans to Washington, DC. What a great way to honor the service and sacrifices these men and women have given to this country!

Charlie announced that Bruce Jones has offered to chair the fundraising for our annual Veterans’ Remembrance Luncheon in November. Thanks to Bruce for stepping up to the challenge!

Joe Reagan spoke on behalf of PP Kris Rosado about this year’s Maine Outdoor Challenge (MOC), scheduled for June 10–12 at L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School. Joe told us that there are already 15 teams signed up for the challenge; PP Cyrus Hagge piped up and said that he had 2 more teams to announce. This is a good start, but more teams are needed and there is much more work ahead to make this project successful as in past years. Please participate if you can.

PP Laura Young let us know there were sign-up sheets on the tables for a Rotary work day in lieu of our meeting on June 21 at Fort Williams Park. You can choose Option A for removal of invasive species and general clean up, or Option B to set up tents for RotaryFest occurring in the park the following day. If you plan to attend the RotaryFest (it is free), please be sure to register on the District website (, as they need to prepare enough food for all. Again, there is no charge to attend. (See separate article in this issue.)

A card was available for signing for PP John Marr who recently underwent surgery at Mass General. Reports are that he is back home and recovering well.

Matt Tassey conducted the raffle of $350. Ron Bennett was kind enough to leave the Queen of Hearts in the deck, allowing the jackpot to grow larger for next week’s winner.

(Photo at right L-R: Ron Bennett and Matt Tassey.)