Posted by Rusty Atwood

The history of the region, now known as Maine, did not begin at statehood in 1820. What was Maine before it was a state? How did Maine separate from Massachusetts? How has the Maine we experience today been shaped by thousands of years of history?
Steve Bromage, Executive Director of the Maine Historical Society, will provide a brief history of how Maine separated from Massachusetts and became a state in 1820 and discuss how 13,000 years of history shapes Maine today.

The current exhibition at the Maine Historical Society, State of Mind: Becoming Maine, will analyze Maine as the homeland of the Wabanaki people, as a European province, as part of the District of Massachusetts, and the State of Maine. It will consider Maine's Bicentennial milestone in relation to: Maine's formation as a state 200 years ago; the significance of the Missouri Compromise; how the idea of "Maine" is perceived by people today; and how the changing landscape could alter Maine's future. The exhibition features manuscripts and items relating to statehood, historic maps, contemporary artwork, and opportunities to learn about the experiences of Wabanaki people alongside the early settlers, including: European American, African American, and Acadian communities.