Posted by Don Zillman

Thanks to the 20 of you who responded to last week’s request for reactions to the Board’s suggestions for Program, Song, and Political content of the Club meetings.  Several of you expressed the desire to discuss these matters at the Friday, February 23rd meeting before reaching final decisions.  We will put this at the top of our agenda for that meeting.  All comments are welcome, but I will try to report on the consensus of the 60 messages I received in answer to our two requests for comment.   After discussion on each item, we can take an informal consensus of the Club.  If there is a close division of opinion, we may decide to put the issue to a formal vote at a later meeting.

Before the meeting I would welcome any motions that you would like to be considered by the Club.  That should speed our consideration of matters and sharpen our discussion of them.  E-message those motions to me.

Here are the Provisions of our Club Constitution and By-Laws that relate to the topics.  Amendments of By-Laws require a two-thirds vote.


Article 13 Section 1 “Proper Subjects.  The merits of any public question involving the general welfare of the community, the nation, and the world are of concern to the members of this club and shall be proper subjects of fair and informed study and discussion at a club meeting for the enlightenment of its members in forming their individual opinions.  However, this club shall not express an opinion on any pending controversial public measure.

Section 2. No Endorsements.  “This club shall not endorse or recommend any candidate for public office and shall not discuss at any club meeting the merits or demerits of any such candidate.”

Section 3(a)   Non-Political “Resolutions and Opinions.  This club shall neither adopt nor circulate resolutions or opinions, and shall not take action dealing with world affairs or international policies of a political nature.”

Article XII  Duties of the Committees

(d) Invocation Committee  “This committee provides the invocation or opening blessing at each weekly meeting of the Club.

(f) Music Committee  “This committee is responsible for providing music, a piano player and a song leader each week.  Details and schedule will be given to the Club Administrative Coordinator and/or newsletter editor for inclusion in the Club newsletter (Windjammer).  This committee will plan musical programs throughout the year.”

Let me know if you have any questions.  I hope that we are coming to closure on these important issues.