Posted by John Curran

Dr. Susan Miesfeldt is a medical oncologist and Medical Director for the Cancer Risk and Prevention Program at MMC. She received her MD from Tufts University School of Medicine and completed residency and fellowship training at the University of Virginia and University of Michigan Schools of Medicine.

Her research focuses on cancer prevention and early detection, as well as access to care. She has received research support from the NCI, Maine Health and Human Services, MaineCancer Foundation, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and served as Principal Investigator for the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program (NCCCP). She has participated in several state task forces and work groups related to cancer screening and prevention, and is presently serving on the State of Maine Commission to Study Incidence of and Mortality Related to Cancer.

Dr. Miesfeldt is a member of the American Cancer Society’s Board of Directors, New England Division, as well as the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s International Affairs Committee.